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Piezotome - this is the last word in dental surgery.


Imagine a safe scalpel that cuts only the tissue you need. More recently, this could be only the big dream.

What is pezotome?

A piezotome is an ultrasonic scalpel that is used in bone surgery. His work is based on ultrasonic vibrations. Because of this, he cuts only the bone tissue, without touching the adjacent soft tissue and blood vessels. In such conditions, traumatic injuries of soft tissues and nerves are minimized. Now you don’t need to be afraid that you may be hurt or infected.

Piezotome application

The use of a piezotome is not as wide as desired. But its narrow focus makes it indispensable and ultra effective in bone surgery. At the moment it is the most progressive instrument in operative dentistry.

An ultrasonic scalpel makes more precise and thinner cuts. Its advantage is that the isolated bone tissue does not heat up and crumble when separated. Because of this, she immediately begins to take root. Also, ultrasound has antibacterial properties, which immediately disinfects the site of surgery.

The piezome is used for bone grafting, when you need to transplant bone or remove. For example, it is used to prepare for implantation when it is necessary to perform a sinus lift operation. The use of a piezotome significantly speeds up the procedure for implanting a patient.

It is also the best tool for removing “hard teeth”. When a tooth is in a hard-to-reach place, for example, wisdom teeth. Or impacted or displaced teeth.

In all these cases, the piezotome has a significant advantage over the drill. Its use reduces the painfulness of the procedure, as well as swelling in the postoperative period.

The advantages of dental piezotome

  1. Effective in hard to reach places;
  2. When working does not lead to heating of the bone;
  3. It has disinfectant properties;
  4. Does not injure soft tissue;
  5. Improves postoperative healing;
  6. Reduces pain during the operation

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