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Correction of malocclusion

As is known, bite is understood as the relationship of the dentition at the moment of maximum contact of the teeth of the lower and upper jaws. And very often parents or even children and adolescents themselves notice some abnormalities in the closing of teeth. Normally, the upper jaw in children slightly protrudes forward in such a way that the front incisors overlap the lower ones by 1/3. In this case, the molar teeth, when closed, coincide absolutely exactly with antagonists from the opposite jaw. If the teeth are positioned incorrectly, children's dentists offer various methods of correcting the bite. What does it mean? The concept of "correction of teeth bite" in dentistry involves changing the position of the upper and lower rows relative to each other, as well as placing the teeth relative to the midline of the face.

Why is malocclusion correction necessary?

It should be understood that this is a problem not only aesthetic, but also medical. In the absence of treatment in children, it can lead to diseases:

  • oral cavity
  • respiratory system
  • gastrointestinal tract
  • dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint

Why there is malocclusion?

Possible reasons:

  1. congenital features (associated with genetic or prenatal factors)
  2. external causes (thumb sucking, artificial feeding, trauma, etc.)

When it is necessary to correct malocclusion in children?

Consult a specialist if you notice the following symptoms:

  1. asymmetry of a smile
  2. difficulty in eating or talking
  3. excessive resting of the upper jaw forward
  4. the presence of voids between the front incisors-antagonists when during mouth closing
  5. pathological abrasion of tooth enamel
  6. frequent inflammatory processes in the oral cavity

Types of malocclusion

  1. Open - the antagonist incisors do not completely close.
  2. Deep - pronounced distance to the front of the upper jaw.
  3. Distal - underdevelopment of the lower jaw.
  4. Mesial - the distance of the mandible forward is bigger than to the upper one.
  5. Cross - underdevelopment of one half of the jaw.
  6. Dystopia of teeth - their wrong location, which makes malocclusion.

Diagnosis of bite correction

Anomalies are diagnosed on the basis of data from an orthodontist consultation. If necessary, before the procedure for correcting the occlusion, the following is done:

  • radiography
  • dental tomography

Where to apply for treatment

Come with a child to an appointment at the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental in Kiev and you will receive professional advice on the state of the teeth and options for further treatment. We have only highly qualified orthodontists, who are trusted by parents and children. Come and you will see this.

Prices for the service
Orthodontic consultation
250 грн
Calculation on diagnostic models
450 грн
Calculation of TRG
750 грн
Analysis of models, images, treatment plan
1 000 грн