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Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare implants - the best dental implants of premium class.

Nobel Biocare has been on the market for more than 40 years. The main office of the company is located in Switzerland. In production are taking parts countries such as America, Sweden, Israel, and Japan participate.

The name of the company is coincidental with the name of the famous scientist. As you know, the great Alfred Nobel was not only a brilliant scientist, but also an industrialist.

Nobel Biocare implants have won widespread popularity in the market and still, despite the growing competition, continue to consistently hold 40% of the world market.

Nobel Biocare is recognized as the most advanced implant manufacturer in the world.

Каждый имплант имеет индивидуальный регистрационный номер, который позволяет производителю отследить путь каждой конструкции.

Each implant has an individual registration number, which allows the manufacturer to track the path of each design. Nobel Biocare implants can be used for implantation of one or more teeth, as well as for complete adentia.

The variety of implantation systems makes it possible to choose the one that suits the patient, taking into account the density and volume of bone tissue.

What make them unique:

The multi-year development of manufacturers for the improvement of implants led to results that give the right to declare serious competitive advantages of Nobel Biocare products (Nobel Biocare).

Advantages of implants are that they:

  • Sufficiently light, non-traumatic, thanks to the conical shape, implants are easily inserted into bone tissue.
  • Implant is very tightly connected to the abutment, and immediately after implantation, fixation of the denture can be performed.
  • Allows implantation even for those patients who have a bone deficit. There is no need to build it up.

TiUnite's unique porous surface is the know-how of Nobel Biocare. It is biologically active, absorbs blood proteins, accumulates fibrin, and focuses platelet activity. Thus, excellent osseointegration and maximum similarity with natural bone tissue of the root of the tooth is achieved. In addition, the TiUnite surface is porous (due to the process of electrolysis in the titanium oxide layer) - this makes the implant structure and the bone tissue structure similar, which gives the surface layer of Nobel Biocare implants increased osteoconductivity. The above-described qualities of the TiUnite surface layer contribute to the excellent survival of the implants and the rapid growth of natural bone tissue around the root part

  • Each single implant is equipped with a serial number, which excludes the possibility of a fake construction.
  • The risk of rejection of implants is minimized.
  • Reducing the risk of injury, in connection with the use of three-dimensional modeling technology, which allows you to determine with the greatest precision the place for implanting the structure.
  • Possibility of simultaneous implantation immediately after tooth extraction.
  • Application of 3D technologies that guarantee a high aesthetic result.
  • Have a long service life.

Of course, Nobel Biocare implants are the undisputed leader in the dental services market. But there remains one quality that causes some patients to refrain from choosing exactly these implants. This is their cost.

Yes, Nobel Biocare implants are really expensive, but they are worth it if you take into account the entire list of advantages and safety of the system.

Meanwhile, the company is constantly working on a process of cheaper products through the development of special materials and tries to fill the market massively, which will soon make aesthetic dentistry more accessible. At the same time, Nobel Biocare maintains the high quality of its products.

Nobel Biocare Implant Systems

Prices for the service
The first surgical stage, the “Nobel Biocare” system
28 000 грн
Second stage, “Nobel Biocare” System
1 500 грн
Abutment, “NobelBiocare” system
4 000 грн
“TI Base” abutment, “Nobel Biocare” system
6 000 грн
7 000 грн
Оne tooth template
5 000 грн