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Dental treatment under magnification.

Treatment under optical enlargement. As dentistry develops, the requirements for the accuracy of the manipulations are increasing. In modern dentistry it is difficult to imagine work without the help of optical magnification. Dental Clinic S.I.Y. Dental uses only the latest methods of treatment to meet the needs of its patients and that is why our doctors use binoculars for greater accuracy in work.

Optical magnification is used in various fields of dentistry, both in surgery, and in therapy and in orthopedics. The increase allows the doctor to see so small details that on the one hand play a very important role in restoring tissues in surgery or with long-term predictions in therapy and orthopedics, but on the other hand they are completely invisible to the naked eye.

And where the operation is technically performed brilliantly or ideally sealed canal, and, it would seem, nothing should lead to complications, according to unknown (as it seemed) reasons the complication takes place. And the reason is banal - just the naked eye doctor is not available all the details that played their "fatal role" in the process of tissue rehabilitation.

The value of a binocular in the treatment of teeth can not be overestimated. Currently, it has a wide application primarily in therapeutic dentistry, namely in endodontics - the treatment of canals.

Dental treatment under optical magnification has a major role in:

  • detection of additional channels
  • studying the root canal system
  • control of instrumental processing of root canals
  • detecting cracks on the bottom of the tooth or in the roots

The binocular capabilities are due to the bright beam of the light beam and, naturally, to the large magnification. In the recent past, teeth that could be treated and literally "saved" through optical enlargement, were simply sent for removal.

At present, binoculars in dentistry are indispensable for:

  • retreatment of teeth
  • determining the type of filling material, its density
  • detection of branches and untreated tooth channels
  • complete removal of the infected material
  • high-quality processing of the tooth channel system
  • removal of previously broken tools

In addition to complex endodontic manipulations in the canal of the tooth, the use of the binocular allows for a gentle treatment of the tooth tissue. A good overview and visibility of all small parts helps to avoid unnecessary preparation, and accordingly, loss of healthy tooth tissue. This plays a huge role for the long-term results.