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Aesthetic restoration of teeth

Aesthetic restoration of teeth

Daily care of yourself, including your teeth, is the basis of beauty and health. With the help of paste and brush, it is impossible to restore the natural color of the enamel. But it is enough to visit dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental, so that the smile becomes more beautiful, and the shape of the dentition is impeccable.

Aesthetic restoration of teeth - a method that is a repetition of the normal structure of a natural tooth by imitating dental tissues with various artificial materials. This restoration can be aimed both at correcting the congenital disorders of the appearance and position of the teeth, and at eliminating the consequences of vital activity, that is, trauma, age-erasure, and acquired persistent color changes.

Thanks to modern composite materials and high professionalism of the doctors of our clinic S.I.Y. Dental, this complex of procedures allows us to recreate the original shape of the teeth down to the smallest detail. Restoration of teeth, materials for which we select with special care, is carried out by our specialists in strict accordance with the most progressive methods.

Indications for aesthetic restoration of teeth

  • Scales and scabs, obtained as a result of injuries, wedge-shaped defects - the performed composite restoration of chewing and frontal teeth makes it possible to easily and quickly eliminate these shortcomings.
  • Erosions, scrapes, pigmentation of enamel - these problems also easily eliminates the restoration of teeth with composite materials.
  • Large gaps between teeth, uneven location of teeth - closely related to orthopedics, restoration of teeth makes it possible to solve these tasks, for example, by installing veneers on teeth.

Methods of restoration of teeth

Specialists distinguish two types of restoration of teeth:

  • Direct method.

    In this case, the doctor removes defects directly in the mouth of the patient with the help of special restoration materials. The main advantage of this restoration is its one-stage approach: one visit to the clinic is sufficient to get a beautiful smile.

  • Indirect method.

    Indirect restoration of teeth implies the preparation of the patient's teeth and the removal of the impression, after which the reconstructed part has to be made in the dental laboratory. Thus, the whole procedure takes place in two stages. A wide range of materials is used for making tooth fragments, but ceramics and zirconium are the most popular due to their characteristics.

Modern composite materials provide today a great opportunity for dentists to make a aesthetic restorations of teeth and tooth extensions in a "direct" way, that is, in the patient's mouth. Aesthetic restoration of the teeth provides the most natural result.

Dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental uses the most modern materials, which are completely identical in appearance and functions of natural enamel. A wide palette of shades allows you to choose the material exactly the color of the patient's natural teeth. In addition, the materials have excellent strength. Thanks to all these characteristics, aesthetic restoration of the frontal teeth is especially popular.