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Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are modern systems on which S.I.Y. Dental patients most often stop their choice, and which allow for correction of the occlusion without compromising the aesthetics of the appearance of the teeth.

Ceramics is a matte material. The color of the ceramic bracket systems is selected in accordance with the shade of the enamel of the patient. Modern manufacturers of orthodontic designs tend to make them more elegant and invisible, as well as reduce the number of metal elements.

Therefore, ceramic braces can be the optimal choice of patients, to whom is important not only the effectiveness of treatment, but also aesthetics.

Features of tooth correction with ceramic braces

What is necessary for qualitative correction of bite with the help of ceramic systems?

  1. Professional orthodontist.

    Choosing for yourself or for your child, dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental, you can be assured of the professionalism and extensive experience of dentists.

  2. Reliable braces.

    S.I.Y. Dental uses quality correction systems from reliable manufacturers. The specialists of the clinic track the novelties of the market and in a timely manner introduce them into everyday practice.

These systems:

  • resistant to darkening
  • devoid of metal parts
  • "lightened"

What is nessesery to know for the patient

  1. Hygiene of the oral cavity.

    Careful and regular brushing of teeth is recommended to avoid formation of plaque, tartar and accumulation of bacteria in the area of locks.

  2. Visit to the dentist.

    The frequency of visiting the orthodontist to control the dynamics of changes in the occlusion is determined individually. It is not recommended to skip the planned visits: damage to the system may lead to the need for prolongation of treatment.

Advantages of ceramic braces

  • Strength.

    Reliability of ceramic systems is achieved by using special technologies that are used in the manufacture (including processing) of orthodontic products.

  • Efficiency.

    Correction with help of ceramic braces makes possible to successfully correct bite anomalies of varying complexity.

  • Aesthetics.

    The matte surface of the system does not reflect the sun's rays and is practically indistinguishable from the patient's own enamel.

Prices for the service
Orthodontic consultation
250 грн
Calculation on diagnostic models
450 грн
Calculation of TRG
750 грн
Analysis of models, images, treatment plan
1 000 грн
Fixing bracket-ceramic system to one jaw
11 000 грн
Fixing bracket system combined (ceramic for 6 teeth, metal for 4 teeth)
10 000 грн