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Why InnoDent?

Medicine InnoDent

Sooner or later, tooth decay leads to the drilling of teeth because carious lesions of enamel and dentin are not curable. At best, caries can be stopped, but not cured "- this was a fact until now. But now there is a completely new approach to the treatment of caries at an early stage without drilling with InnoDent Junior and medicine InnoDent Repair.

InnoDent products are biocompatible peptide-implants that stimulate the natural regeneration of enamel and dentin, opening up new opportunities for non-invasive caries therapy.

For dentists, this is a new painless method of caries treatment without drilling or using acrylic materials. For the first time dentists can offer their patients the procedure of implanting enamel with just one drop of the medicine.

With InnoDent, visiting dentists rises to a qualitatively new and very pleasant level.

How does InnoDent work?

Medicine InnoDent

The medicine InnoDent is an analogue of the human protein amelogenin, which plays a key role in the formation of enamel. However, in the formed tooth, amelogenin is absent therefore, it is impossible to "restore" the destroyed enamel in the development of caries without amelogenin.

Medicine InnoDent ™ Junior & InnoDent ™ Repair are biocompatible implants that form a new enamel. The know-how of technology lies in the ability of these implants to construct the correct crystal lattice of hydroxyapatite from the minerals of human saliva in the ratio 1.67 (calcium and phosphate).

The destroyed enamel is restored for 1 month possessing all morpho-physiological properties of natural enamel of the person (natural color, shine, mineralization and strength).

Medicine InnoDent

Just one procedure of one drop is enough! The formation of biomatrix takes several hours, enamel regeneration from 1 day to 3 months. Accordingly, further visits are necessary for the purpose of examining and confirming the positive result of treatment (usually after 3 months).

Benefits of InnoDent

  • It is painless. Forget about the sound of drills, pain, anesthesia, fear and discomfort forever.
  • Aesthetic. The natural radiance of your teeth (the disappearance of white spots, cracks, pigmentation).
  • Economical. Instead of sealing you get a new natural enamel.
  • A beautiful smile. There is nothing more valuable than healthy teeth. Give yourself and your children a life without caries.

What are the signs for using InnoDent?

InnoDent products are successfully used in the treatment of carious and non-carious dairy and permanent teeth:

  • caries in the stain in children
  • enamel hypoplasia up to 12 years
  • surface / middle caries on approximal contacts (children and adolescents)
  • bottle caries up to 5 years
  • strengthening the fissures to 12 years (instead of sealing)
  • prevention: enamel strengthening, after bleaching