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Resection the top of tooth root

When treating the chronic form of periodontitis, if the upper part of the root appears in the form of a cyst, surgical intervention may be required - resection of the apex of the root of the tooth. The formed cyst is a pus filled with pus, from the inside covered with a layer of fibrous tissue and attached to the root apex. Experts call this form a radicular cyst or a periodontal abscess.

The operation is a multi-stage process.

  • Preparatory stage

    In the event that the tooth cyst is to be removed, the root canals must be sealed. This should be done one to two days before the operation. After the canals are sealed, it is impossible to postpone the operation for more than two days, as the cystic formation can react to sealing, which will result in an inflammatory process.

  • Anesthesia

    Modern anesthetics, used for anesthesia, allow the patient not to feel at all how the whole operation is performed. Unpleasant, even painful sensations can occur only when the effect of the injection is over.

  • Providing access to the top of the tooth

    In order to open the bone tissue, first cut the gum, then using a drill with special burs in the place where the root has a gum, a small hole is made in the bone. The procedure is safe and painless for the patient, as local anesthesia works.

  • Resection of the apex of the root

    Having made a hole in the right place, the doctor provides access to the affected root and again, armed with a drill, separates a piece of root, and then pulls it out with the cyst.

  • Acceleration of bone tissue healing

    After the operation, there is an empty space on the site of the cyst. With a significant size of cystic education, this cavity is recommended to be filled with artificial bone tissue. This will facilitate rapid recovery.

  • Restoring the integrity of the gums

    Using the suture material, the gum is sutured at the incision site in such a way that there is room for drainage. This is necessary in order that the site of the operation does not accumulate a sap.

Who may need tooth resection?

Treatment of cystic lesions on the teeth can be surgical, when the tooth root is resected, and therapeutic, in other words, conservative. In this case, after the treatment of the root canals, a medicinal preparation is created in them, which contributes to the destruction of the infection. In some cases, drugs are placed directly into the cyst and continue treatment for several months. The patient has to visit the doctor regularly to perform the appropriate procedures, and not always such treatment reaches the desired result.

As a rule, a conservative method of treatment is performed if the tooth is not sealed with the tooth. The doctor treats the carious areas, removes soft tooth tissues, cleans channels and lays in them a medicine that will kill the infection that caused the development of cystic education.

Indication for resection becomes a cyst, the size of which exceeds 1.0 cm. The conservative method of treatment will be long, and there is no guarantee that it will help. In addition, we must not forget that there is pus inside the cyst. If a patient has weak immunity, he suffers from constant exacerbations, pains and swelling. When the operation is performed, both the cyst and the root tip are removed together with the undersplanted canal.