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Metal braces

Metal braces

Metal braces. Orthognathic bite of teeth occurs in only 30% of people. The predominant majority suffers from various abnormalities in the location of the masticatory organs, but correction is usually required only in severe pathologies. And if the violations are revealed in childhood, then, using the moment of growth of the jaws and teeth, you can correct the bite in a relatively short period of time. For this purpose, metal bracket systems are often used.

How are braces arranged?

The first orthodontic devices of this type were very noticeable during conversation or a smile. However, today the doctors offer elegant designs, the aesthetic appearance of which is being improved every year.

Bracket is a patch on the tooth, which is fixed on the chewing organ with glue containing fluoride. Braced by metal arc braces form an integral system that allows you to specify the direction of growth of the teeth. Fastening of functional elements among themselves is carried out by special clamps - ligatures.

Recently, non-ligature metal braces have gained popularity. Instead of traditional clamps, they use special locks, which are tightened independently. The aesthetics of such a design are an order of magnitude higher, although the cost also increases.

Features of correction of bite bracket system

With the installation of metal braces an experienced dentist will cope for 1 hour. However, sometimes mandatory surgical intervention is required. This situation arises rarely, so in most cases, they do without an operation. In addition, the doctor pays attention to the state of chewing organs and gums. If any diseases (caries, gingivitis, etc.) are detected, treatment is performed first, and then metal braces are fixed.

Some people are afraid of installing this orthodontic design because of possible pain sensations. However, do not worry ahead of time. The procedure itself usually goes without pain, and even small patients easily tolerate it. Within a week the patient will stop noticing the construction, and speech is completely normalized.

To correct the bite, correction of the construction is required at least once a month, which means regular visits to the dentist. Depending on the clinical picture in the oral cavity, the doctor has the right to increase or decrease the number of visits.

Such frequent correction is carried out with the purpose of timely replacement of functional elements. After all, the principle of the orthodontic approach is that the metal arc presses on the teeth and forces them to take the desired position. When the required position is reached, there is a need to replace the arc and a new fixation of the locks. When installing ligatureless braces, the doctor is usually visited once every 2-3 months, since the locks in the construction are tightened independently.


Description of the metal bracket-systems will be incomplete, if you bypass their pros and cons.

  • Correction of complex bite disorders.
  • Installation and replacement of functional elements passes without pain.
  • Acceptable terms of correction (1-2 years).
  • Metal does not stain from food.
  • Affordable price.

And the drawback of these braces is only one. They catch your eye and look not very unaesthetic.

How to take care of braces?

Each metal structure in the mouth forms a hook on the teeth, in which food is usually stuck. If you neglect the hygiene, then soon there will be an unpleasant smell. In the worst case, the patient will earn superficial caries, because pathogenic microorganisms only wait for the substrate for life. So, when wearing braces you need:

  • perform hygienic procedures after each meal
  • use special brushes and brushes for braces
  • periodically clean the teeth in the dentist's office
  • use an irrigator for the oral cavity
  • refuse ultrasonic cleaning due to the danger of destruction of the adhesive

Metal braces price.

Bracket-systems quite significantly differ in the ratio of price-quality. Traditional ligature, made of metal - the most democratic. The aesthetic version of braces is more expensive. In any case, our orthodontist will choose the method of treatment, taking into account the possibilities and wishes of the patient. And the result, in the form of a beautiful smile, will pay back all your costs.

Prices for the service
Orthodontic consultation
250 грн
Calculation on diagnostic models
450 грн
Calculation of TRG
750 грн
Analysis of models, images, treatment plan
1 000 грн
Fixing bracket-metal system to one jaw
9 000 грн
Fixation of the bracket system of the metal part (4 brackets on the cutters + 2 lock on the molars)
7 000 грн