The clinic specializes in implantation and prosthetics.
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Any treatment begins with a medical examination by a specialist. Doctors of the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental offer to begin treatment with detailed professional advice. And this is not in vain, because an extensive consultation with a dentist - this is a thorough examination, accurate diagnosis, as well as a detailed conversation about your teeth, mouth, hygiene and treatment methods.

When the patient and the doctor speak the same language - the process of restoring health goes several times faster.


  1. Answers to all your questions about the health and beauty of teeth.
  2. Professional diagnostics of diseases.
  3. Preparation of an individual treatment plan, indicating the services, timing and cost of treatment.
  4. Choosing the best technologies and treatment methods for you, the application of which will fully satisfy your requirements.
  5. Recommendations for oral hygiene, choice of personal hygiene products, training in proper dental cleaning.

At a detailed consultation with a dentist you will receive answers to all your questions about the oral cavity and will know exactly what, why, when to treat, and also be able to better plan your time and budget for dental treatment.