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Dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental constantly introduces in the medical practice the technologies that make the process of dental treatment painless, as well as maximally psychologically comfortable. The methods of I-PRF and A-PRF are new technologies that we offer to our patients and which are one of the most demanded in medicine.

The PRF (Platelet rich fibrin) technique is the use of a platelet-rich plasma patient. The technique is used in surgical dentistry, periodontics, implantology and maxillofacial surgery.

The goal is to stop the progression of periodontal tissue diseases and stimulate the strengthening and regeneration of bone tissue.


  • alveolitis
  • periomplantite
  • after tooth extraction
  • implantation
  • sinus lifting
  • augmentation of soft tissues
  • bone augmentation
  • regeneration of gum wounds and skin

What happens after the procedure:

  • eliminates bleeding
  • decreased mobility of teeth
  • eliminates bad breath
  • faster healing of the teeth of distant teeth
  • pain relief occurs
  • reduces the risk of rejection of implants
  • improves implant survival
  • accelerated restoration of bone tissue
  • tissue regeneration is stimulated
  • the progression of periodontal tissue diseases stops and stimulation of bone tissue strengthening and regeneration takes place
  • local immunity increases

For the procedure, the specialists of the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental take blood from the patient's vein into special tubes, then they are immediately placed in a special apparatus (centrifuge) in which, on the partial regime, the plasma is separated from other blood elements and the plasma is saturated with platelets, without adding any other or chemical preparations.

After the application of PRF, growth cells are stimulated, blood flow, tissue respiration and metabolic processes in the periodontal tissues are improved, new capillaries are sprouted, collagen is formed and bone tissue is strengthened, and the inflammatory process is reduced.