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Innovative CAD / CAM technology in S.I.Y.Dental

Innovative CAD / CAM technology in S.I.Y.Dental

CAD/CAM is an abbreviation for Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacture.

This technique is the most modern computer technology for modeling and milling dental restorations of the highest accuracy.

With the CAD/CAM system, the total time required to create a crown, tab, is reduced. Earlier, the crown was set for several visits (from 2 to 4), and they were separated by several days of waiting. This was necessary in order for the technician making the crown to correctly model and reproduce the restoration from ceramics or metal. Today, thanks to the CAD/CAM technology, making a crown or tab on the tooth takes place within a day! Using them, you can create any non-removable structures: crowns, tabs, veneers, individual abutments, bridges, surgical templates.

Workflow with CAD / CAM technologies:

  1. <Scanning. Instead of traditional impression materials, the doctor uses an intraoral scanner, which "digitizes" the situation in the oral cavity. This relieves the patient from the need to go through the procedure for removing conventional casts. Especially relevant is for people with severe vomiting reflex.
  2. Modeling. At this stage, received volumetric model is processed, and then in the automatic or semi-automatic mode the virtual model of the future tooth (tabs, crowns or veneers) is recreated. The CAD/CAM interface is very similar to the program of a three-dimensional editor, which makes it possible to create or change any element of restoration (curvature of walls, severity of relief, etc.). The patient directly sees how the doctor at first on the computer models an individual crown, which is then automatically ground from the ceramic block.
  3. Milling and grinding. After modeling, the restoration, modeled in the program earlier, is automatically turned out of ceramics or zirconium oxide.
  4. Synthesis and final processing. This stage occurs in a special furnace for the sintering and calcination of orthopedic restorations. Only with the use of CAD / CAM technology can processing of high-strength materials such as oxide and zirconium dioxide, from which aesthetic, durable metal-free crowns are made.

Advantages of computer modeling:

  • CAD/CAM - this is a high-end computer simulation, replacing the simulation of wax. Precision of manufacturing becomes much higher.
  • Simulation is carried out directly in the clinic. High speed of work execution is an indisputable plus of computer modeling.
  • Save your time.
  • Ability to accurately recreate the anatomical shape of the tooth.
  • Zero error capability of the automated system.

We strive to ensure that dental treatment is as comfortable as possible - without using an impression spoon and with fewer anesthesia, and without the exhausting expectation of his beautiful smile and numerous visits to the clinic.

So, if your goal is a beautiful smile and healthy, white teeth without a multi-week, tedious treatment at the dentist - contact our Digital Dentistry Clinic S.I.Y.Dental, equipped with modern CAD/CAM technology.