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Orthodontics for children

Anomalies of bite - this is a common problem, which can be diagnosed already in childhood.

Orthodontists note an increase in the detectability of bite anomalies: these or other problems are found in preventive examinations in 80-90% of babies.

The causes of bite anomalies in children

Internal. These are two main mechanisms:

  • Genetic. Gene and chromosomal abnormalities are an inherited factor.
  • Dysambrigenogenesis. Dysembryogenesis, i.e., a disruption in the formation of tissues and organs in an embryo can occur early in pregnancy as a result of taking certain medications or intoxications.

External. This is a complex of environmental factors:

  • food with insufficient quantity of solid components (fruits, vegetables, drying, etc.)
  • artificial feeding
  • sucking nipples, fingers, nail biting, etc.
  • diseases of the respiratory system

Timely appeal to the orthodontist will help to solve bite problems quickly and effectively. The first visit to the dentist is recommended when cutting the milk incisors. Orthodontic treatment can be started as early as 4-5 years.

Complications of untreated bite abnormalities:

  • violation of symmetry of the face
  • propensity to inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity
  • respiratory system diseases
  • disruption of the digestive system

Stages of correction of occlusion

Orthodontic treatment of children takes place in several stages:

Primary visit to the dentist. The doctor examines the oral cavity, makes a preliminary diagnosis and recommends additional methods of investigation.

  1. Additional research methods:
    • X-ray examination
    • dental computed tomography, etc.
  2. Removing the casts of teeth, creating a model of the corrected bite, recommendations of the dentist on the best suitable model of the bracket system or a special plate for a small patient.
  3. Preparatory stage: hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity, sanitation of carious lesions.
  4. Installation of the corrective system.
  5. Training in the care of the system.
  6. Planned attendance at the reception of the dentist to control the effectiveness of bite correction.
  7. Removal of the corrective system and prevention of relapses.

The duration of treatment depends on the type of bite anomaly, as well as the model of the corrective system. It can range from 6 months to 2-3 years.

Variety of types of plates for leveling teeth

The plate for aligning the teeth is divided into 2 main types: removable and non-removable.

Removable models of plates are small constructions from high-quality grades of plastic, in structure of which you will never see a harmful chemical substance. That's why these models are absolutely safe for the child. This type of staples is fastened with metal hooks. Depending on the degree of curvature of each of the teeth, special additional screws or springs may be included in the removable plates for a more rigid fixing of the structure.

The advantage of this technique for aligning the dentition can be considered the possibility of removing plates at any time of the day or night. However, it is possible to use removable samples only with minor corrections of teeth. The most commonly installed removable staples for children and adolescents. Such plates on the teeth for children are easily installed either on the upper or lower jaw. The period of wearing such models of plates lasts on average 1.5-2 years.

A non-removable plate is necessary for aligning the entire outer surface of the teeth. In fact, any non-removable bracket is a lock system. In each of the locks are inserted metal arcs, which are periodically pulled together in the desired direction. With the help of this technique, you can straighten your teeth in a short time to a person at any age. Thus, similar tooth plates for adults regulate the distance of the gaps between the teeth, and help to solve problems with complex deformation of the dentition. It is necessary to wear non-removable plates for several years, but the final terms for wearing the bracket system are determined only by an experienced orthodontist.

Prices for the service
Orthodontic consultation
250 грн
Calculation on diagnostic models
450 грн
Calculation of TRG
750 грн
Analysis of models, images, treatment plan
1 000 грн