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Treatment of infant teeth

The likelihood of tooth decay comes from the moment the child's teeth erupted. Most parents are mistaken about whether this disease can develop in one-year-old babies, suggesting that this risk does not exist. This disease affects people at any age, and dairy caries requires special attention. The appearance of this disease signals the presence of abnormalities in the child's body, and its course has a number of features, so treatment of baby teeth should be started as early as possible, entrusting this process to an experienced specialist.

Changes in the composition of enamel of any kind are primarily related to non-compliance with the basic rules of hygiene and oral care. The lack of systematic and proper cleansing of milk teeth provokes the deposition of plaque, which is a beneficial environment for the development of bacteria. The vitality of these organisms is accompanied by the formation of an acid that destroys the enamel and causes caries.

Another factor that can cause the need for dental treatment in children is the pathology of the enamel, which is often hereditary in nature and manifests itself in violation of integrity and a decrease in the strength of the enamel layer.

Caries of milk teeth - symptoms and characteristics

The first warning signs of the need for dental treatment in children is arising on the enamel chalky spot, saying that the disease process had begun. Tooth decay in children's teeth this stage can be cured by the Dental Clinic S.I.Y. Dental, without having to use a drill and not injuring the child's consciousness. To do this, we use the novelty of modern dentistry - InnoDent Junior with the help of which it became possible to treat caries in children and adults at the initial stage for one visit.

The basis for the successful treatment of infant teeth is its timeliness, because the baby enamel is more delicate and contributes to the rapid development of the disease process. The absence of medical intervention can lead to the formation of pulpitis.

Treatment of teeth in children with small cavities requires silvering. It should be taken into account the fact that this kind of method can be used only for toddlers whose age does not exceed three years.

At an older age, dental treatment in children involves cleaning a mechanical type with the subsequent imposition of a seal. As a filling material for milk teeth, our clinic use modern safe materials from leading world manufacturers.

Colored dental fillings in S.I.Y. Dental

Usually for children a visit to a dentist is not a pleasant experience, therefore, the children's dentists of the S.I.Y. Dental clinic try to make more positive in the treatment process.

One way to enhance the mood and overcoming negative emotions is the use of colored dental fillings.

Babies like to take part in the treatment of their teeth, if at the same time an unusual and interesting idea is offered. Choosing the color you like with glitter or without, then you can pick up a color fillings in the tone of the dress or just give preference to your favorite shade, and after boasting to your friends with such a design decision.

Children refer to colored fillings as an expression of individuality, and it is worthwhile seriously approaching the decision and agreeing with the choice of the child.

Colored fillings have a long service life - up to three years.

Positive quality of colored fillings is also a psychological effect on the child, because the presence of a beautiful bright seal increases self-esteem, the child regards it as an ornament, the interest in independent dental care increases and the desire to preserve an unusual filling in the mouth disappears, the fear of dental treatment disappears.

Fissure sealing - excellent protection against caries

Dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental offers such a service as fissure sealing, which will perfectly protect your baby's teeth from tooth decay. Fissures are such folds on the chewing surface of the tooth. They are particularly susceptible to caries, as they are difficult to clean, and a huge number of bacteria accumulate there. It is recommended to carry out sealing for the first three years after the eruption of dairy or permanent teeth. This will allow properly formed tooth enamel and relieve it of plaque and cariogenic bacteria. After sealing, the fissures become sealed, which makes it easier for the child's teeth to be cleaned and protects them.

Children's dentists S.I.Y. Dental clinics use high-quality products and are making every effort to ensure that treatment was effective and painless for your child.