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Dental implantation

Зубная имплантация

Stomatological clinic S.I.Y. Dental provides all types of dental care, but the main focus of our work is dental implantation and further prosthetics on implants. Many patients who are preparing for implantation and are thinking about whether to do implantation or choose a different method of prosthetics, try to find answers to many of the questions that concern them, such as the cost of implantation, the cost of implantation "on a turn-key basis", how much is cost implantation of one tooth, what are the indications and contraindications for implantation, is it painful, does it take much time, where to find a good implantologist and so on.

In order to maximally understand and correctly answer the questions you are interested in, we decided to write a short article, which covers all the most frequently asked questions of patients.

Implantation is an operation and the type of prosthetics that make it possible to replace not only the crown of the tooth, but also its roots. Thus, with the help of implantation, the missing tooth (teeth) is replaced with its artificial counterpart. This method will make your smile flawless, and none of the surrounding people can even imagine that you have artificial teeth in your mouth.

A beautiful smile is one of the components of the success of young people and one of the indicators of successful old age in the elderly.

Advantages of dental implants:

  • The installation of prostheses on dental implants does not require damage to neighboring teeth.
  • The installation of prostheses on dental implants does not require the turning of adjacent teeth.
  • Being under the gum, the implant is an analogue of the natural root of the tooth.
  • The crown on the implant will serve you just like a natural tooth. Neither others, nor you will notice a difference.
  • Implants can be used to strengthen poorly fixed removable dentures.
  • Care for dental implants is similar to caring for "native" teeth.
  • The life of implants is longer than in traditional crowns or bridges.

I have missing teeth, but it does not bother me at all. Why should I restore them??

It's not just an aesthetic component. Dentists know, and now you will also know that the loss of even one tooth, be it a chewing tooth or a cutter, leads to a disruption in the integrity of the dentoalveolar system. This means that each tooth is calculated by nature for a certain load and when at least one tooth is "out of order", then the rest of the teeth have a greater load than they can withstand. Thus, problems with neighboring teeth are gradually emerging. They begin to move, the bone in place of the removed tooth begins to atrophy, adjacent teeth begin to bend toward the defect, and the antagonist tooth also extends toward the missing tooth. Over time, problems with periodontitis will develop. That is why it is necessary to have a prosthetic repair as soon as possible after the loss of the tooth (teeth), otherwise, over time, replacement of the defect can become completely impossible or possible only after orthodontic intervention and additional surgical intervention to restore the volume of lost bone.

The cost of implantation

Quality implants are manufactured on expensive equipment using unique patented technologies, materials used in the manufacture of implants are also not cheap. It is these components that determine the high cost of the implant itself. Unfortunately, often the price of implantation discourages even those patients who need implantological treatment and no other.

However, it is should be noting that recently in the Ukrainian market prices for implantation began to decline. This is due to the fact that the implant system is becoming more and more. Now it is possible to find implants of a class "lux" and rather inexpensive implants which are accessible to patients with not so high incomes.

Specialists of the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental help you to choose the most optimal implantation option for you, which best suits your financial capabilities. You can not doubt the quality of implantation, because our clinic gives a guarantee for all types of work. In addition, in the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental, often there are actions for implantation.

The cost of implantation varies depending on the implant system chosen, the need for additional surgeries (sinus lifting, bone building) and, of course, the number of implants that need to be installed. So, the prices for dental implants are very variable. It should be noted that the final cost of all the work will be called to you by an implantologist after careful planning of the operation and clarification of all your wishes.

Doctor-implantologist of the Dental Clinic S.I.Y. Dental, Savchuk Igor, is a professional in his field. He constantly introduces the latest developments in clinical practice, and also adheres to the classical incontestable canons of implantology. "Turnkey" implantation in the S.I.Y. Dental clinic is a guarantee of your peace of mind and confidence in the high quality of the work performed.

Implantation immediately after tooth extraction

Classical implantation provides that the implant can be implanted in the bone only after a certain time after tooth extraction (on the upper jaw from 3 months, on the lower jaw - from 4 months). But, in recent years, scientists and doctors dealing with problems of implantology are increasingly talking about the fact that one-stage implantation often yields positive results and the implant gets very good and fast. Implantologist at the S.I.Y. Dental clinic does such operations with the consent of the patient and achieves good results of engraftment and qualitative fixation of the implant in the bone.

To monitor the implant, is recomended to visit your dentist once every six months. Such prophylaxis will allow timely detection and sanitation of foci of infection.

If you follow the rules of oral hygiene, the implant can last a quarter of a century! And even if the crown is cracked or crumbled - it does not matter, since it is easy to replace, provided that the intraosseous part of the implant feels completely safe.

So, our clinic is ready to provide you with a qualified implantologist who will perform a high-quality operation, the choice of the implant system remains with you and your doctor, and adherence to the ideal hygiene and the implementation of all the doctor's recommendations is up to you!

Stages of implantation

  • The first stage is planning.

    At this stage, the patient undergoes basic and additional examination. The pictures are taken, the patient passes the tests. The implantation technique and the implantation system, which are going to be used already selected.

  • The second stage is surgical.

    This is the stage of implantation into the bone. With the simultaneous implantation of a small number of implants, the operation is performed under local anesthesia. On average, the duration of the procedure is from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Sometimes, before these stages, additional operations are necessary if there is a bone deficit. The need for an additional operation is determined at the planning stage. The gum formulator is established either simultaneously with implantation, or after a while.

  • The third stage (the classical technique) is the installation of the abutment.

    This is the stage during which the shaper of the gum is replaced by the abutment (analogue to the stump of the tooth). Later, the crown will be put on the abutment.

  • The fourth stage is orthopedic.

    Installation of a crown, bridge or other prosthesis.

Preparation of the oral cavity for implantation

Before the implantation, the oral cavity should be sanitized. This means that you need to conduct professional oral hygiene; heal teeth affected by caries (pulpitis, periodontitis); remove the teeth which have to be removed; to change the orthopedic structures to be replaced; to treat periodontitis; teach the patient proper hygiene and make sure that he will maintain a high level of hygiene.

Postoperative period

After surgery, usually a number of drugs are prescribed: an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory medicin and an antihistamine. On the day of surgery, after implantation, you need to do cold compresses (20 min cold, 20 min - break).

After the operation, it is especially important to maintain the ideal oral hygiene, since the presence of microorganisms will necessarily lead to inflammation, which will complicate the engraftment of the implant.

Normal are the following reactions of the body to the performed operation: edema that rises during 3 days and then decreases; tolerable pain. As for other manifestations, one should consult with your doctor-implantologist.

The best specialists - are a guarantee of successful implantation Dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental employs highly qualified specialists with extensive clinical experience. All rooms are equipped with the latest equipment. In our clinic, we can implant a single tooth or make a full implantation of all the teeth; Implantation immediately after removal or delayed time. We offer the most proven and advanced implant systems with different price segments. The feedback of our patients is always positive, because they are satisfied with not only the results of treatment, but also the process of carrying out the operation and prosthetics.