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One-stage implantation (immediately after tooth extraction) with immediate prosthetics in Kiev

What is one-stage dental implantation?

Often patients are interested in the question of whether it is possible to install new teeth using implantation and immediate installation of crowns in one visit to the dentist? The answer is that it is definitely possible and it is absolutely real. We carry out such operations every day in our clinic.

Immediate dental implantation (also called instant) involves the implantation of an implant (artificial root) immediately after the removal of your own, but already "worn out" tooth. That is, in fact, you will undergo two complex operations in one visit, using only one anesthesia.

Also, during this visit, the doctor will install a temporary plastic crown for you, and after a certain period of time, a permanent crown. Ideally, it should take about six months from the date of implantation. It takes so much time for the implant to harden well and become overgrown with bone tissue. But this is all individual and depends on many factors.

What is the difference between instant implantation and classical dental implantation? According to the classical method, the implantation of the implant does not take place immediately after the removal of one's own tooth, but after a few months. This period is necessary and very important for the restoration of one's own bone tissue.

Experienced implant surgeons of "SIY dental" Digital Dentistry successfully perform both classical dental implantation and one-stage dental implantation.

How does one-stage implantation take place at the SIY Dental clinic?

  • Before tooth extraction, CT scan is performed for further planning of implantation and prosthetics.
  • Preparation of the oral cavity for surgical procedures - treatment of caries, treatment of gum disease, as well as carrying out hygienic cleaning of all teeth.
  • Production, if necessary, of a navigation (surgical) template for the installation of the implant.
  • Extraction of a tooth, installation of an implant, scanning of the oral cavity for the manufacture of a plastic (temporary) crown.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to use artificial bone after tooth extraction if your bone tissue is insufficient or the structure is loose.

  • Fixation of a temporary plastic crown. Immediately after the operation, in our clinic we make a plastic crown and within an hour the patient goes home with a full smile.

Advantages of one-time implantation

The main advantage of this type of implantation is, nevertheless, that the correct formation of the gum contour is achieved and thus it is possible to avoid all sorts of complications, including periodontal disease. Thus, the gum acquires a correct and fairly natural shape around the installed implant, similar to the one near its own tooth.

Also, there is no need to prepare a site for an implant; there is no need to drill a hole with a special tool.

It is also important that the patient leaves us immediately with an almost full-fledged tooth, which solves two problems at once - aesthetic (full smile) and practical (the development of bone tissue atrophy is prevented).

What are the contraindications to simultaneous dental implantation?

This technology can be used in many cases, but there are still certain contraindications when choosing this method of implantation.

  1. Loose and porous bone tissue or its deficiency.
  2. Inflammatory processes at the site of implantation, the presence of cysts, granulomas, as well as periodontal disease.
  3. All this negatively affects the results of the operation, and therefore our surgeons-implantologists warn the patient about this in advance and give preference to other methods of tooth implantation.

  4. Age under 18.

Contact us for a consultation with our implantologists today and find out which of the implantation methods is right for you. All types of diagnostics and preparation take place in our clinic, so there is no need to go anywhere anymore.