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How does the dental implantation process take place?

How does the dental implantation process take place? Perhaps someone has already read about this, or went through the procedure itself. But it is worth noting that technologies do not stand still, and already now some processes are happening faster, more technologically advanced and safer for the patient than a year ago.

Dental implantation always starts with a diagnosis. First, the doctor examines the oral cavity for carious damage to the teeth and for periodontal disease. All dental problems and inflammation must be eliminated prior to implantation. The next step is Computed Tomography (СТ). With its help, they check for the presence of hidden diseases and the state of the working area, the position of adjacent teeth, bone thickness, etc. You can read more about the use of a computed tomography scanner in dentistry on our page “Computer tomograph. 3D snapshots of teeth".

Also, with the help of CT, it is determined whether it is necessary to perform a sinus lifting operation. It is necessary in cases where there is not enough bone tissue at the implantation site for the implantation of the implant. Such situations happen when a tooth was removed incorrectly or was removed long ago. Then the patient gets a bone augmentation by grafting his own bone or from a synthetic material. This operation requires a lot of experience and a high level of professionalism from the doctor, which our specialists own.

In our clinic, the sinus lifting operation is performed using a modern ultrasonic scalpel - Piezotom. It is also called a "smart" scalpel. It is designed for operations on bone tissue. Its peculiarity is that it is absolutely safe for soft tissues, nerves and blood vessels. You can read more about it on our page: “Piezotom”.

After the implant is installed, it is necessary to wait 4-6 months for it take root well in the bone. Only then a permanent (zirconium) crown can be installed. In order to preserve a beautiful aesthetic appearance of the smile for this period, you can install a temporary (plastic) crown. When a temporary crown is placed on an implant immediately after tooth extraction, this method is called "Immediate Load Immediate Dental Implantation".

So, dental implantation is a rather complicated and responsible process. When choosing a clinic, you should always pay attention to its rating and patient reviews. Not all clinics offering this service have the necessary experience and modern equipment.

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