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Metal-ceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns in due time have made the present revolution in prosthetics of a teeth. Popular earlier metal crowns had rather high functional characteristics, however in terms of aesthetics they were very far from ideal. Do you remember how our compatriots abroad could be almost unmistakably recognized by the gold crowns on their teeth? On the other hand, ceramic crowns, which are much more acceptable from the point of view of aesthetics, had significant shortcomings in terms of functionality, their mechanical strength was very low.

Metal + ceramics = Metal-ceramic

But metal-ceramic made it possible to combine high functional characteristics of metallic and aesthetic - ceramic crowns. Currently, metal-ceramic are one of the most popular dental prosthetics.

In the metal-ceramic crown, metal (nickel-cobalt and chrome-cobalt alloys, titanium, gold, palladium, platinum, and their alloys) is used as the basis, and porcelain lining is applied.

With the help of metal-ceramic can be eliminated as a single defects of the dentition, and rather serious (in the presence of supporting teeth can be used bridges of 12 units).

Like any other method of prosthetics used in orthopedic dentistry, prosthetics of teeth using metal-ceramic has its own indications and contraindications.

When can be used metal-ceramic crowns?

Metal ceramic crowns are used in prosthetics of the teeth, the restoration of which is no longer possible with the use of filling materials - with significant damage to the crown part of the tooth by the carious process, traumatic lesions of the teeth, breaks, chips, etc. Metal-ceramics with success is also used in fluorosis (the installation of a crown on the teeth helps protect teeth that are characterized by increased brittleness and corrects the cosmetic defect), congenital irregularities in the size, shape of the teeth and their position in the dentition, bite defects, and enamel development disorders, abrasion. Well, and, of course, when replacing worn out crowns, many patients of our clinic prefer to install new crowns on teeth from metal-ceramics.

Contraindications to prosthetics of teeth using metal-ceramic.

Although metal-ceramic can be used in almost any clinical situation, prosthetics with their use is undesirable in children under 16 (they still do not have enough tooth walls and they can not withstand the process of setting the crown on the teeth or subsequent loads), as well as with the prosthesis of the lower incisors (for the same reason - the walls of these teeth are thin even in adults). Prosthetic dentistry using metal-ceramic crowns can be difficult with some bite disorders that prevent the normal installation of the crown, abnormal abrasion of the teeth with a declining bite, periodontal diseases and other parts of the dentoalveolar apparatus. The experience of specialists of our clinic shows that most of these contraindications are relative and after appropriate treatment they are eliminated and do not interfere with the prosthesis.

Metal-ceramic - prices are available!

If the metal-ceramic is used for prosthetics, the prices for it are determined by the number of crowns per tooth, consumables, etc. In the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental you will be able to choose the optimal variant of prosthetics with the use of metal- ceramic, the prices for which satisfy all our patients.