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Digital panoramic X-ray

Advantages of digital panoramic X-ray

Successful and rapid treatment of any dental disease requires the determination of the true cause of pain. To do this, use digital X-ray machines, which in modern design can get information instantly, reducing the time of unpleasant procedures for the patient.

With the advent of digital X-ray diagnostic equipment, the process of obtaining an X-ray panoramic image of teeth and jaw bones was reduced several times. Scanning speed has increased, photographic plates and reagents have disappeared, the quality of the image has increased due to the system of automatic determination of the exposure time and, most importantly, the digital format of the panoramic image can be stored in the patient's personal file for subsequent comparison based on the results of the treatment. Panoramic X-ray of teeth became routine procedure at the level of planned medical examination.

The digital panoramic X-ray machine has a number of advantages over equipment with film technology:

  • Low radiation exposure to the patient's living tissue. The digital X-ray apparatus uses about 10% of the X-ray power of the film X-ray. In addition, the exposure time was reduced to 2 ... 12 seconds instead of 15 ... 20. This makes the procedure of obtaining a picture absolutely safe for the patient. The power of the radiator was reduced so much that it became possible to use such equipment in cabinets without special protection, which are located in residential buildings.
  • The dimensions and weight of the installation allow placing it directly in the dental offices, which shortens the waiting time of the survey results and simplifies the work of the specialist.
  • Digital image format and image processing technologies allow you to scale the image and get the exact dimensions of teeth, jaw bones, seals or implants.
  • The optical system of binding to the reference points on the patient's head allows you to obtain images from the same angle, which is important for obtaining a re-shot after the treatment.
  • The actual cost of the image has decreased, because consumables disappeared, no special premises and means of protection are required, energy consumption and operating costs have decreased.

Indications for use of digital panoramic x-ray

Digital image processing technology and the ability to store images significantly expanded the scope of the device. In addition to the main purpose - displaying the state of teeth or seals, the digital X-ray machine allows:

  • Investigate the condition of the peri-toothed tissue in case of gum disease.
  • Detect signs of pathological changes within the bone and / or gum tissue for a tumor or cyst. The technical possibilities of studying tissues of different density due to the choice of exposure time and precise positioning provide invaluable information about the dynamics of the treatment process.
  • Obtain information about the anatomical features of the structure of the jaw bones, the location of the maxillary sinus, nerve endings or blood vessels, which is important for working with dental implants.

Digital panoramic X-ray in the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental is available and always in demand. A safe and fast procedure will guarantee your safety and health.