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Treatment of caries

Treatment of caries

Treatment of caries in the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental - quickly and professionally!

So, what do dentists call caries? When the tooth enamel is destroyed, and then the dentin (the underlying tooth tissue under the enamel) cavities are formed in the tooth or as they are often called the "hole" patients themselves.

Caries develops in several stages and from the onset of the disease to the most neglected state can take place not one year.

The speed of development of carious disease affects many different factors, including the age of a person, the quality of his nutrition and even blood type, according to some researchers.

Causes of caries

As a result of consuming a large amount of carbohydrates, a plaque forms on the teeth.

If hygiene of the oral cavity is not observed or observed, but irregularly or insufficiently qualitatively, it awakens the active vital activity of pathogenic bacteria. Breeding bacteria emit an acid that flushes calcium and fluoride from the tooth enamel, making it completely unprotected.

By destroying the enamel, the bacteria penetrate deeper and deeper into the tooth, which eventually can lead to its complete destruction.

The development of caries occurs in several stages:

  • initial caries in the stain
  • media caries
  • deep caries

How to treat tooth decay in the spot area?

At the initial stage of caries it is possible to do without a drill, since conservative methods will cope with a similar problem. In the event that the cause of the formation of carious spots is the loss of calcium, a complex of restorative therapy, called remineralization, will restore the enamel, saturating it with the necessary minerals. And preventive measures will strengthen your teeth.

Remineralization is a course of therapy that allows you to saturate the tooth enamel with the necessary minerals. During treatment, the affected areas are treated with a preparation containing calcium and fluoride.

Also, in the initial stage of caries development, S.I.Y. Dental uses the "Innodent" preparation - enamel regeneration.

Advice on the rules of oral care - always! After treatment, to secure the results, it is extremely important to ensure proper oral care. Otherwise, you can again start the teeth, and caries will start to develop again. Approximately in 2-3 months it is necessary to come again on reception to the stomatologist for a check of a status of a teeth.

Treatment of medium caries

Treatment of tooth caries of the middle stage consists in the removal of affected tooth tissues from the carious cavity. The procedure for the treatment of caries in the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental is absolutely painless. Our specialists use only high-quality anesthetics, which completely eliminates pain.

After the anesthesia works, the dentist removes the softened and infected tissues and processes the formed cavity with antiseptic medicines. Next, a special interlining material is placed in the tooth and a permanent seal is placed.

We use exclusively new generation materials (nanocomposites), which give the seal additional unique functions: "chameleon effect" to fully match the color of your own teeth, fluorescing effect (restoration is not visible in neon light), nutrition (excrete fluoride for caries prevention). Precise adherence to the tissues of the cavity reduces the risk of secondary caries.

Treatment of deep caries

Treatment of deep caries can take place in one or two stages. First, the doctor examines the oral cavity, and then sends the patient to the X-ray, in order to find out how deeply the tooth is destroyed.

If in time not to cure a deep caries, it can develop into a pulpitis, and the chances of retaining the tooth will decrease every day.

Highly qualified therapists of dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental, modern multifunctional German dental equipment and the best materials, a two-stage anesthesia system and treatment without pain in the "four hands", and individual approach to each patient - all this ensures that your teeth will be treated quickly, qualitatively and effectively!