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Physiotherapy in dentistry

Physiotherapy is an area of medicine that studies the characteristics and therapeutic properties of physical factors, develops methods for their use for treatment, disease prevention and medical rehabilitation. Recently, in the dental practice, methods of Physiotherapy are increasingly being introduced, which, in combination with other methods of treatment, allow quickly to stop various processes.

Physiotherapy's factors are mainly used in the treatment of many dental diseases in the phase of beginning or complete remission with inflammatory, dystrophic and functional changes, are used in organizations of dispensary follow-up of patients, in the rehabilitation of patients after traumatic injuries of the BFH. Physiotherapy's factors allow for more accurate diagnosis of diseases, monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.

General contraindications to physiotherapeutic procedures: severe body conditions, severe exhaustion, malignant neoplasms, a tendency to bleeding, blood diseases, severe cardiovascular and respiratory insufficiency, impaired renal and hepatic function.

In the treatment of dental diseases, natural artificial factors are used: constant electric current, low voltage pulsed current and frequencies, alternating electric currents and an electric field of high, ultrahigh and ultrahigh frequency.