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Teeth Whitening

What kind of whitening to choose?

This question is asked by a person who has already decided to make his smile snow-white, but has not yet decided which technology will help him in this. Among all professional systems, hardware teeth whitening is especially emphasized, information about the benefits of which we will now share.

What is hardware teeth whitening?

Hardware teeth whitening is one of the types of office professional whitening, which is used exclusively in the clinic and is performed directly by the doctor. First, a special whitening gel is applied to the front surface of the teeth, and then the doctor activates it using a special device. On average, the whole procedure takes about 20 minutes, if necessary, after a while it can be repeated.

How effective hardware whitening?

If we talk about the effectiveness of whitening in general, it is important to understand what is meant by this. According to professional terminology, the effectiveness of any whitening technology is expressed in the rapid achievement of the maximum possible whiteness of teeth.

What are the indications and contraindications to the conduct of teeth whitening?

The main indication for the use of office whitening, as, indeed, and any other type of bleaching, is the unaesthetic color of the teeth, mostly a yellowish shade. The fact is that the enamel of the teeth is a fairly transparent tissue, through it the deeper layer of the tooth - the dentin, which has a yellow or yellowish color and darkens with age, appears through it. Hardware whitening, like any other, is aimed at discoloration of dentin. Depigmentation of this tooth tissue is not a harmful procedure, however, before proceeding to the apparatus teeth whitening, it is necessary to make sure there are no contraindications.

So, absolute contraindications to teeth whitening:

  • age under 16 years
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • an allergy to the components of the whitening gel

There are also relative contraindications. Among them, for example, teeth with a high degree of transparency. They are very difficult to bleach, because they will give a gray tinge. There is also a disease of fluorosis. It is almost impossible to whiten such teeth.

How safe is it to do teeth whitening?

However, in order to avoid any unpleasant sensations during the procedure, it is recommended to undergo remineralizing therapy at the preparatory stage, and if you notice periodic attacks of exacerbation of the sensitivity of the teeth, use special gel-desensetizers.

Однако дабы наверняка избежать каких-либо неприятных ощущений во время процедуры, рекомендуется на подготовительном этапе пройти реминерализирующую терапию, а если вы замечаете за собой периодические приступы обострения чувствительности зубов, использовать специальные гели-десенсетайзеры.

Specialists of S.I.Y. Dental also recommend before the procedure for teeth whitening to undergo the course of Electrophoresis - saturation with calcium enamel. It is necessary to undergo at least five procedures before and five procedures after teeth whitening. Thus, you will be able to avoid the sensitivity of the teeth, which is unavoidable in any whitening.

Each procedure will take only 20 minutes of your time, but you will definitely appreciate the effect.