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Plastic surgery of bridle

In the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental, plastic surgery of bridle are doing for children and adults is carried out. Turning to us, you can count on professional support. Experienced specialists will help to eliminate the existing problem in the shortest possible time.

Why is it important to make plastic surgery of bridle?

The plastic surgery of bridle of the tongue and lips in a child or adult is an operation that not only corrects a cosmetic defect, but also improves breathing, eliminates speech disorders.

Let's consider all arising questions.

  • Unaesthetic.

    The tongue, with a short bridle, looks round and small. It has a small indent in the middle. If the bridle does not reach the edge of the tongue, the defect may be imperceptible at first sight only in infants. As the child grows, the tongue may look bifurcated, square, too large, thickened. Owing to the lack of coordination of swallowing, there is often abundant salivation.

  • Impaired breathing.

    The presence of a shortened bridle can lead to such a serious problem.

  • Violation of speech.

    Children with a shortened bridle of tongue often have defects in diction. Usually problems occur with fast speech.

  • Breastfeeding disorders.

    A child with a shortened bridle of tongue will not be able to fully receive milk. This will negatively affect its development.

  • Short bridle disrupts the development of the lower jaw, and as a result is the formation of an incorrect bite.
  • The front group of teeth is shifted backward.
  • The aesthetics of the face is disturbed; the smile is distorting.
  • In the elderly, such a disadvantage makes it difficult to install removable dentures.
  • Plastic surgery of bridle in both adults and children is necessary for the prevention of periodontal diseases: with a short bridle, the gum is drawn, which leads to the exposure of the roots of the teeth and the development of various dental diseases.

The optimum age for surgery

  • In case of violation of breastfeeding surgery of bridle in children is best done as early as possible, it is possible immediately after birth. In this case, a simple dissection of the bridle is carried out.
  • In adults, there are no age restrictions when there is a probability of development of periodontal diseases.
  • In other cases, the optimal age is from 5-6 years. For this period, there is a phase of active bite replacement, loss of the baby teeth and permanent teeth eruption. Ideal is the period when the central incisors, at least 1/3 cut through, and lateral ones did not yet appear. When carrying out surgery at this time, the cutting of the lateral incisors moves the central incisors closer to the middle part.

Postoperative period

The rehabilitation period after surgery of bridle is very short - from 2 to 7 days (depending on the type of operation performed). After this, a person can return to normal life.

  • The main recommendation is the daily thorough hygiene of the oral cavity.
  • In the first 2-3 days it is better to give up hot and hard food, less talk.
  • To correct the diction, you need classes with a speech therapist, doing exercises to correct pronunciation. There are also exercises to strengthen the lifting and pushing muscles of the tongue, as well as to stretch the bridle.

Advantages of surgery of bridle at the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental

  1. Individual approach.

    The specialists of the S.I.Y. Dental clinic are ready to take into account all your requests and wishes. They will assess the condition. If necessary, other specialists (logopedist, orthodontist, etc.) will be connected to the survey.

  2. Efficiency of service delivery.

    There are no queues in the S.I.Y. Dental clinic. We do not force patients to wait long. At the reception you can register at a time convenient for you.

  3. Comfort.

    During any intervention, preparation for them, patients are surrounded by the attention of the staff. We care about the emotional state of customers. A pleasant pastime is guaranteed to everyone. You can get acquainted with the presented press, spend time with a cup of coffee, use Internet access. Even a child will not be capricious, if you bring him to us.

  4. Security.

    Treatment is carried out under sterile conditions with observance of all sanitary and hygienic norms.

  5. Great experience of specialists.

    When all problems are eliminated, our doctors use modern methods and techniques. They rely on both their knowledge and experience. This avoids any errors. Turning to us, you can be sure that all actions of specialists will be competent and accurate.

  6. Availability of necessary equipment.

    We have all the equipment and tools for the proposed interventions. Specialists use only high-quality consumables.

Want to fix the flaw? Are you planning to bring a child to the S.I.Y. Dental clinic? Welcome! We will be glad to meet you and your children!