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Implants Ankylos (Germany) are manufactured by DENTSLY, which has a worldwide reputation for quality assurance. These designs are ideally suited to the high dental norms of our time.

Having a special design of the abutment connection with the implant, this kind of non-removable prosthesis ideally fills missing teeth.

Advantages of the German implant system Ankylos:

  • Quality German products, the production of which is based on decades of research and clinical application.
  • Starting from the purchase of raw materials, the entire production process is carried out in Germany according to extremely strict certified quality standards.
  • Implants are made of pure surgical titanium and do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Ankylos implants have a patented surface microstructure that creates conditions for rapid osseointegration (implant engraftment).
  • The unique tapered connection of the implants ensures maximum structural strength and avoids the loss of bone tissue around the implant.
  • All Ankylos implants are certified and have individual identification numbers.

Features of ANKYLOS:

  • The very first and most important feature is the highest quality of manufactured components and structures and the ruthless rejection of products with the slightest suspicion of defects.
  • High survival rate of the implant. It is ensured the use of a high quality titanium alloy that is chemically inert, as well as a special coating of Friadent Plus, which contributes to the rapid regeneration of tissues. In general, German implants take root in 99% of cases.
  • The complicated structure allows to mount the structure in several stages, which significantly reduces the burden on bone tissue, and also reduces the chances of any complications to almost zero. Also, step-by-step implantation allows to perform operational control at each stage, which reduces problem situations to zero.
  • The patented thread with a unique pitch and profile keeps the implant in place even in weakened bone tissue. Such a thread allows you to transfer part of the load of surrounding tissue, does not allow the construction to perform micro movements and does not allow penetrating deep into the tissue of bacteria.

Using implants of the ANKYLOS system guarantees optimal aesthetic and functional results in any clinical situations.

By choosing this particular implantation system, you will never regret your decision. Quality, reliability and durability are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Prices for the service
The first surgical stage, “ANKYLOS” system ( Germany )
14 000 грн
Second stage, “ANKYLOS” system
1 000 грн
Abutment, “ANKYLOS” system
3 500 грн
“TI Base” abutment, “ANKYLOS” system
5 000 грн
Direct abutment, system “ANKYLOS”, zirconium oxide
6 000 грн
Angle abutment, “ANKYLOS” system, zirconium oxide
6 500 грн
7 000 грн
Оne tooth template
5 000 грн