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Alpha Bio

Alpha-bio implants are manufactured by Alpha-Bio Tec (Israel) for 25 years. Undoubtedly, this company is one of the leaders in the production of quality implants of affordable price category, which fully justify the well-known worldwide brand of "Israeli medicine".

There are 2 main characteristics of implants, which primarily affect the quality and degree of osseointegration, i.e. implantability of the implant to the bone. Firstly - it features the surface of the implant, secondly - its shape (cylindrical or conical), the features of the carving.

Features of the surface of the implants Alfa-Bio

The surface of the implants of this company is quite modern. It is a typical SLA-surface (according to the international classification), i.e. Implants are first subjected to sandblasting, and then - to acid etching.

Advantages and features of implants

Dental implants AlphaBio (Israel) favorably differ from similar products of firms-competitors. Their main advantages:

  • primary stability, almost 100% survival rate
  • manual control by the doctor during installation
  • self-twisting, which is very convenient
  • self-cutting, self-sealing, which guarantees an ideal fit for the implant

The installation of Alpha Bio is quite simple and convenient, the implant is easily and correctly placed on the bone bed, the doctor fully controls all stages of the installation manually.

A wide selection of models allows you to choose exactly the type of implant that you need, taking into account your individual characteristics. The aesthetics of the implants of the Israeli manufacturer provides an excellent result and will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The high biocompatibility of implants virtually eliminates the threat of rejection during operation.

Prices for the service
The first surgical stage, the “Alpha-Bio” system ( Israel )
8 000 грн
Second stage, “Alpha-Bio” system
500 грн
“TI Base” abutment, “Alpha-Bio” system
2 000 грн
Abutment “Alpha-Bio” system
4 000 грн
Individual abutment, “Alpha-Bio” system, zirconium oxide
3 000 грн
7 000 грн
Оne tooth template
5 000 грн