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The first visit of the child to the dentist

To begin to pay attention to a child's teeth follows from an early age, because in the future untimely treatment can lead to an incorrect development of the occlusion and to permanent teeth diseases. There is a myth that baby teeth do not need to be treated, they will all fall out anyway. This is the wrong approach! The fact is that the bacteria that develops in the diseased milk tooth, can damage the rudiment of the permanent tooth, which will lead to the fact that during the eruption they will not be completely healthy. In addition, the infection from the sick teeth has the property to spread further along the digestive tract of the child and the blood system, which for the growing organism can have very unpleasant consequences in the future.

The first visit to children's dentistry

On the first visit, the children's dentist at the S.I.Y. Dental clinic examines the child's teeth, examines his bite, checks the gums. If necessary, our doctor will remove the plaque from the teeth and will treat. The doctor will recommend a toothbrush and toothpaste, and also tell you how to take extra care of the oral cavity and teeth of your child, will make an individual schedule for visiting the dental office. Do not postpone the visit to a specialist if the problems are not visually visible, and wait until the tooth begins to ache.

At what age do you begin visiting children's dentistry?

From the age of two, when all the milk teeth are erupted, the first visit to the doctor is recommended. Children's dentist will be able to notice the emerging pathologies in time and prevent their further development. If necessary, you will be given a second visit. Then the child should be shown to the children's dentist once every six months. This contributes to the formation of a trusting relationship with the doctor and will help to identify the disease at an early stage.

At 6-7 years, you need to go to an appointment with an orthodontist, since at this age, you need to pay attention to the child's proper bite.

How to prepare a child for a dentist?

To ensure that the child's communication with the dentist is not accompanied by psychological discomfort, experts recommend:

  • Talk with the child about the upcoming visit.
  • Do not inspire the child with a sense of fear, he should not notice your worries and feelings, never discuss the painfulness of dental treatment in a child. Often parents themselves subconsciously transmit their fears, beginning to convince the baby that it will not hurt, although the child did not even ask about it. The very raising of the topic of pain already makes the baby at least alert, and sometimes even at all, to experience panic fear. "If it does not hurt, then why do you say this first?" - that's what the future patient brings from this conversation. Do not try to lull the child's vigilance, it's unlikely to work out, but it's better to stop being afraid of dentists first.
  • Tell about the importance of dental health, you can present information in the form of a game or a fairy tale.
  • Tell about the procedures that usually take place in the dentist's office from a positive point of view. If the child inquires if it hurts, answer that it may be a bit unpleasant, but he will not feel pain anyway.
  • Ask, with whom the kid would like to go to the reception, with his mother, father, or with two parents.
  • If the child is already afraid of dentists (for example, someone already told him a couple of terrible stories or he already had a bad experience of treatment), then you can go to the first reception, agreeing that the first time we will go only for an inspection. It may happen that the treatment is really not needed. If the treatment is necessary, but the child does not allow it, the doctor will recommend a special drug that will be safe for the baby, and at the same time will reduce nervousness and successfully carry out the treatment.

Doctors of the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental are always well-disposed and the kids feel it. Therefore, parents do not have to be worry and afraid, because this concern passes to children. Be calm and most importantly - it's an optimistic attitude before going to the dentist.