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Vector-therapy. Periodontal diseases (literally "diseases of what surrounds the teeth" - that is, gum disease and bone tissue that supports the teeth) are infectious diseases, which are the main cause of tooth loss in adults. According to international statistics, up to 90% of people over the age of 35 suffer from gum disease.

Since they are usually not accompanied by pain and slowly progressing, a person may not even suspect the development of periodontitis.

Signs of the development of gum disease:

  • the gums bleed when cleaning teeth - an alarming symptom
  • gums are red, swollen, painfully sensitive
  • the gums are lowered, opening the roots of the tooth, the teeth seem longer
  • constantly stale breathing
  • isolation of pus between teeth and gums
  • loose teeth
  • when biting, teeth are shifted
  • displacement of dentures

The main cause of development of periodontal diseases are soft and hard deposits, plaque on the surface of the teeth. But if the plaque on the accessible tooth surface is amenable to the usual professional cleaning, deposits in the dentogingival pockets (places of contact of the tooth and gum tissue) are inaccessible for prevention.

Treatment of periodontitis with Vector apparatus

Vector is an ultrasonic device used in dentistry for the removal of dental deposits, polishing the roots of the tooth during the complex treatment of periodontal diseases. Vector - therapy refers to conservative methods of treatment of gum disease. The procedure lasts no more than one hour and in most cases does not require local anesthesia.

Vector removes biofilms, plaques, tartar, endotoxins, and quickly and effectively eliminates bacteria causing disease. Using the Vector system allows you to work with a high degree of tactile sensitivity, even in pockets with a depth of more than 5, 9 and even 11 mm.

Treatment of gum disease with the VECTOR device has undoubted advantages:

  • Direct treatment of various forms of periodontal diseases and further prevention of the re-occurrence of inflammatory processes.
  • Painless procedure. VECTOR is a non-invasive system that excludes direct contact of the instrument with damaged tissues. Thanks to this, even patients with hypersensitivity can be treated.
  • Process safety. Since the ultrasound used is oriented in the same plane, our doctor can more accurately perform periodontal treatment, while retaining hard and soft tooth tissues.
  • Quality. The use of VECTOR Polish slurry allows to remove small particles of plaque from the periodontal pockets, it is inaccessible to most similar devices.
  • Hygiene. All cavities and tools used are as close as possible, which corresponds to all hygienic requirements.

By regular visiting your dentist and controlling the development of periodontal disease, you can avoid such consequences of this disease as loss of teeth. Vector-therapy slows the development of periodontitis and helps to stabilize and prolong the stage of remission in periodontal tissues!

Treatment by the apparatus Vector, is the basis of the methods of treatment of gum disease in dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental.

Please note, that in the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental in the treatment of periodontitis with the help of Vector - Therapy, the following supporting procedures are carried out almost half as cheaply as at the first visit.