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Oxide-zirconium crowns

Oxide-zirconium crowns

Oxide-zirconium crowns. To date, there are many ways to denture teeth. Practically each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. We want to introduce you to the technology of tooth restoration, which has no obvious drawbacks. This is the most modern method of prosthetics, using innovative technologies of computer modeling and automated methods for creating crowns. Dentures made of zirconia are the main achievement of modern aesthetic dentistry.

What is zirconia?

It is a material similar to metal in terms of strength and durability, and ceramics - in terms of aesthetics. Among the variety of modern technologies for prosthetics of analogues, zirconia is not. With this method, you can restore as one lost tooth, and a whole dental bridge with attachment to natural supporting teeth or implants.


  • restoration of one or more missing teeth
  • intolerance to dentures made of metal or other materials
  • the desire to have the most beautiful teeth, indistinguishable from natural teeth

Technology of prosthetics with zirconium dioxide

Zirconium dioxide is obtained by chemical treatment of a mineral called zircon. It is a white material of various shades, with transparency, characteristic of natural teeth. Despite the fact that zirconia has tremendous strength, it has nothing to do with metals. Therefore, it does not cause rejection of the body, that is, it is biocompatible, and cannot be the cause of allergic reactions or pigmentation of the gums. These properties of the material allow the restoration of teeth in patients with high sensitivity to prostheses.

To create prostheses from zirconium dioxide requires complex, expensive equipment and high qualification of specialists. For the treatment of zirconia, CAD / CAM technology is used, reminiscent of the creation of prostheses from metal-ceramic, but much more laborious. Therefore, not every clinic can afford to use this innovative technology. Unfortunately, this is the reason for the high cost of prosthetics of zirconium dioxide. The cost of restoring the teeth is about two to three times higher than prosthetics with metal-ceramic.

However, the costs of dentures from zirconia can be considered justified. Nothing so much affects the first impression as a healthy and beautiful smile. If the aesthetic factor when restoring the teeth is one of the main for you, then the zirconia dioxide prosthesis fits you perfectly. From the side it is practically impossible to distinguish artificial teeth from natural teeth.

The process of creating a crown.

Oxide-zirconium crowns is created exclusively on specialized equipment. Thanks to computer modeling, the probability of error in creating a prosthesis is zero. However, during the staining and processing phase, a specialist can make some adjustments manually, for example, to achieve a more natural color of the teeth.

Advantages of dentures made of zirconia

Prostheses from zirconia have a mass of advantages:

  • Amazing appearance: zirconium prostheses are very similar to natural teeth. Thanks to the use of external ceramics and the white color of the inner base, the crowns look quite like real teeth. They are characterized by the same degree of transparency as for natural teeth. Prostheses even miss the light. At the same time, it is possible to select the exact shade of the prosthesis in accordance with the color of the patient's natural teeth.
  • Record durability and high strength: dentures made of zirconium dioxide will last at least 15-20 years, and with proper care they can be worn for life, unlike prostheses made of cermet.
  • A good fit of the prosthesis to the supporting teeth: the prosthesis fits perfectly to the supporting teeth, thanks to computer modeling of the jaw. This prevents penetration into the prosthesis of bacteria that destroy the crowns. Therefore, the danger of loosening the prosthesis and the development of secondary caries and periodontitis under the crown is minimized.
  • Dentures made of zirconium dioxide retain a presentable appearance throughout the life of the plant, do not stain or break down.
  • Wide scope of application: the prosthesis can be used both for the restoration of one lost tooth, and for a number of teeth. At the same time, they can be attached to both natural supporting teeth and implants.
  • Safety: zirconium dioxide is absolutely safe for the human body, does not cause irritation, inflammation of the gums, allergic reactions, bone tissue rejection.
  • Lightness: zirconium dioxide crowns are very light and comfortable, much easier prostheses, which use metal elements.
  • Zirconia is resistant to high and low temperatures.
  • The prosthesis frame is thinner than similar, but made of metal, so the process of prosthetics does not cause any particular discomfort.

Oxide-zirconium crowns do not require special care. They should be regularly cleaned and rinsed, and several times a year to visit the dentist for preventive procedures. In this case, you will not have problems with the teeth, and you can enjoy life without experiencing pain and psychological discomfort.

The only drawback of prostheses from zirconia is a high price. Nevertheless, the cost of prosthetics is fully justified, given the large list of advantages of this technology. If you want to restore your teeth at the most modern level of aesthetic dentistry, dentures made of zirconia are the best for you.

Either way, not every patient can afford a crown of zirconia. Do not be upset. The doctor orthopedist of the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental necessarily selects for you the most comfortable and affordable way of prosthetics, based on the individual characteristics of your body and financial capabilities.