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Root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Our dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental offers you treatment of canals of any complexity. Even in very difficult cases, our specialists try to do their best to save the tooth and not to remove it.

Sterile treatment

We guarantee the sterility and safety of all the processes of treatment of dental canals. Our clinic uses modern equipment for sterilization, and qualified medical personnel, as well as for each patient, a sterile disposable set of necessary instruments is required.

Inflammation of the pulp of the tooth is called pulpitis.

Causes of pulpitis.

  • Usually, the disease is caused by intensely multiplying microorganisms that have got into a pulp chamber from a carious cavity or from neighboring sick teeth.
  • Injury of the tooth.

In the early stages, caries can be treated fairly easily, quickly and almost painlessly, but most people, because of the fear of dental treatment, turn to the dentist when there is severe pain and painkillers no longer save.

Diagnosis of pulpitis

Pulpitis is characterized by a characteristic throbbing pain, which usually increases when a person lies down (during the day - rest or sleep at night). If the disease is in an acute stage, the pain can be very severe. But it happens that, after a pause for a while, the pain stops and the person decides that the tooth has recovered and you cannot go to the dentist. In fact, when the carious cavity reaches the pulp chamber, the pressure inside the latter ceases to affect the nerve, and therefore the pain gradually weakens and subsides.

Self-healing pulpitis cannot, but further complications are very serious.

Complications of pulpitis.

If the pulpitis is not cured in a timely manner, the infection through the canals of the tooth will fall into the tissues surrounding the tip of the root, inflammation of the gum tissue and face from the tooth will begin, which may be accompanied by an increase in temperature - this periodontitis is a fairly common cause of tooth loss.

Why pulpitis requires qualified treatment:

  • sick teeth become a constant source of infection in the body
  • with a weakening of the immune system, hypothermia can cause complications that spread to surrounding tissues of the oral cavity and throughout the body
  • pulpit not timely cured (or unskilled) flows into periodontitis, which threatens with tooth loss

To seal channels, we use only modern materials.

After removing the pulp, the tooth becomes essentially dead, its tissues are now more fragile and there is a risk of fracture of the tooth walls. In order to strengthen the tooth and restore its chewing function, restoration is carried out with reinforcement by pins. If the tooth crown is severely damaged, then different tabs are used, it is possible to do without the crown.

The duration of pulpitis treatment depends on the degree of damage to the tooth tissues (from one to two days to 3 weeks).

Sensations after treatment of pulpitis

After the procedure, several hours can last unpleasant sensations from anesthetics (anesthesia departs). Pain and discomfort after the treatment of the canal can be felt when chewing food for a few more days. If you are unable to tolerate discomfort, you can take pain medication or consult with the doctors of our clinic and get professional advice.