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  1. About implants
  2. Cost of implants "Osstem"
  3. Varieties of implants "Osstem"
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  5. Implantation "Osstem" in Kiev

Implantation is a rather popular procedure, but unfortunately, it is also quite expensive. When it becomes necessary to replenish the dentition, patients who do not have the opportunity to purchase premium implants begin to worry about the quality of implants of a lower price category. The question of the quality of less expensive implants arises at every initial consultation in our clinic. Fortunately, the answer has long been provided by the South Korean company Osstem.

The Osstem company has been developing implant systems since 1997. Constant development and improvement of new implants allowed us to confidently take and strengthen our position in the market. The systems of this manufacturer have long confirmed their high quality and high rates of survival, at a relatively inexpensive cost.

Cost of implants "Osstem"

What is the reason for the competitive cost of these implants? The answer is simple! Leading manufacturers and market leaders are investing heavily in R&D labs and technology breakthroughs. These costs, in turn, are reflected in the final product and increase its value. The amount of money that Osstem invests in the development of new technologies is much less. She adopts the already proven development of her "premium colleagues". The company prefers to invest in quality materials, which affects the high survival rate and durability.

Varieties of implants "Osstem"

There are 4 series of implants on the market:

  • TS - is divided into 4 types:
    • TS II SA - a cylinder-shaped implant that provides rigid stabilization in the bone;
    • TS III SA - cylindrical, with SA type coating. Double threaded implant designed for immediate loading;
    • TS III CA - cylindrical, with CA type coating, up to 7 mm in diameter;
    • TS IV SA and TS IV CA - conical shape, with SA and CA coating type;
  • SS - double threaded, two-piece.
  • US - with a unique thread, consisting of two components. Designed for fixation in softer bone.
  • MS - one-piece, one-piece implants, three types:
    • for installation with a narrow alveolar ridge;
    • implant for a removable prosthesis;
    • temporary implant.

Benefits of Osstem Implants

Apart from the more affordable cost, the advantages of the implants of this system do not differ much from their more expensive counterparts. Among them:

  • excellent value for money;
  • high survival rate;
  • durability;
  • reliability during operation.

Implantation "Osstem" in Kiev

The SIY Dental Digital Dentistry Clinic provides a full range of turnkey implant services. The use of the Osstem system allows implantation to be carried out at a lower cost for the patient, without loss of quality. Osstem implants meet all prescribed quality standards, so we can safely recommend this system to our patients.

Prices for the service
The first surgical stage, “OSSTEM” ( Korea )
8 000 грн
7 000 грн
Оne tooth template
5 000 грн