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Dentistry during pregnancy

Dentistry at pregnancy

Dentistry at pregnancy. Pregnancy is an amazing, beautiful time, when everything is filled with the expectation of a new life that will soon be born. For the development of a small man, the body of the mother spends a lot of resources, hormonal changes take place. Weakening of the immune system promotes the development of microorganisms, including in the oral cavity. Therefore, for example, caries under conditions of pregnancy develops two times faster than in normal conditions.

The maximum amount of resources is spent by the mother's body on the formation and bearing of the child. For the structure of the skeleton of a child, a woman's body requires a large amount of calcium, fluorine, phosphorus and other minerals. And if some necessary substances are not enough for the body, these microelements are taken from the bones and teeth of the mother. Such "borrowing" negatively affects the bone tissue and teeth of the future mother.

Specialists of the dental clinic S.I.Y. Dental are strongly advised to take care of the teeth during the pregnancy planning period - to visit the dentist, to perform full sanation of the oral cavity and prevent caries, to receive the recommendations of a nutrition and hygiene specialist. During pregnancy every 3 months also need to visit your dentist to monitor the condition of the oral cavity and eliminate the diseases at the stage of their occurrence.

In our clinic for the comfortable reception of the future mummy all conditions are created. Attentive staff, cozy atmosphere, comfortable sofas and a cup of tea will help to relax and positively tune in to the reception.

The dental options of our clinic for pregnant women include:

  • Full and detailed consultation with a dentist-therapist, periodontist, surgeon, orthodontist, orthopedist.
  • Qualified recommendations on the specifics of oral hygiene, the selection of dentifrices and answers to all questions of interest to a young mother.
  • Professional oral hygiene.
  • Complete set of prophylactic means for strengthening the teeth - deep enamel fluoridation, fissure sealing, prevention programs for home use, which are especially recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers.