The clinic specializes in implantation and prosthetics.
Mon-Sat – 09:00-20:00
Kyiv, Lobanovsky Prospect, 4B

Diagnostic services

Calculation on diagnostic models
450 UAH
Calculation of TRG
750 UAH


Joint capa against brucxism
1 200 UAH
Orthodontic consultation
250 UAH
200 UAH
Inspection, correction or activation of equipment
250 UAH
Clinical reshaping of the functional apparatus
450 UAH
Working imprint
200 UAH
Classroom motility studies are individual
250 UAH
Analysis of models, images, treatment plan
1 000 UAH
Fixation of metal ligatures
400 UAH
Fixation of elastic ligatures
300 UAH
Fixation of an elastic chain
200 UAH
Fixing of an opening spring
300 UAH
NITI arc fixation
700 UAH
TMA arc fixation
800 UAH
TANITI arc fixation
750 UAH
CuNITI arc fixation
700 UAH
Steel bar fixation
650 UAH
Fixation of an individual metal arch
850 UAH
Fixation of MEAW arc
1 200 UAH
Activation, correction of the removable device
300 UAH
Activation, correction of the bracket system
400 UAH
Activation, correction of the fixed device
400 UAH

Removable units

Functional device (TwinBlock, activator, BioBlock III, Frenkel apparatus)
5 000 UAH
Removable plate for one jaw
4 000 UAH
Orthodontic trainer is an individual
3 800 UAH
Occlusal cork apparatus (deprogrammer)
2 500 UAH
Laboratory correction of the device (adjustment of 1 degree of complexity)
600 UAH
Single step ellinars
1 500 UAH
Vestibular plate
4 000 UAH


Facial mask, elastic traction
2 400 UAH
Main traction, front arc, power modules, main lining
2 500 UAH
Intermaxillary elastic thrusts
200 UAH

Non-removable devices

Apparatus for rapid expansion of the upper jaw
5 000 UAH
The fixture on the molars (Bi-Helix, Quad-Helix, TPA-LA)
2 500 UAH
Apparatus for moving the lower jaw before the front (FD, Force, SUS)
6 000 UAH
Wire (Biteplate, Nance, Lip-bumper, TPA)
5 000 UAH
The device for keeping the place after the loss of teeth
1 700 UAH

Bracket systems

Fixation of the bracket system of the metal part (4 brackets on the cutters + 2 lock on the molars)
7 000 UAH
Ring orthodontic
500 UAH
Locking the metal lock on the molar
450 UAH
Setting additional attributes (lingualbutton, cleat, eyelet, Beggbracket)
350 UAH
Replacement of Ni-Ti arc, Bioforce, SS
450 UAH
Replacing a metal bracelet
350 UAH
Replacement ceramic bracket
490 UAH
The setting of the opening / closing spring on the arc
150 UAH
Loop arches (T-loop, Box-loop, cantilever, Closing-loop, Slidingretractor, Australwire) TMA arc
650 UAH
Microimplant orthodontic is simple
4 000 UAH
Auxiliary capa
850 UAH
Fixing the bracelet / ring
100 UAH
Fixing bracket-metal system to one jaw
9 000 UAH
Fixing bracket-ceramic system to one jaw
11 000 UAH
Fixation of brace-system of sapphire on one jaw
15 000 UAH
Fixing bracket system combined (ceramic for 6 teeth, metal for 4 teeth)
10 000 UAH

Removing bracket system, retention apparatus

Removal of bracket system, polishing of teeth (one jaw)
950 UAH
Non-removable re-tier in the area of 2 teeth
400 UAH
Correction of non-removable retainer
370 UAH
Thermoplastic capa (retention)
1 500 UAH
Removable plate remover Hawley
2 000 UAH


  1. The list of procedures provided is incomplete and is provided to familiarize patients with the price level for dental procedures.
  2. The exact cost of planned treatment may only be made by personal consultation at the clinic.
  3. Prices for some dental services may vary, so accurate information should be clarified by the clinic administrator.
  4. The price shown on the site is indicated in UAH.