The clinic specializes in implantation and prosthetics.
Mon-Sat – 09:00-20:00
Kyiv, Lobanovsky Prospect, 4B

Diagnosis and physiotherapy

Laser therapy (red light)
100 UAH
Electrophoresis (Ft, Ca)
250 UAH
Deepforestion, 1 channel “Kupral” / + “Colasept”
300 ( +150) UAH
Panorama shot
300 UAH
sighting shot
200 UAH
3D shot (CT) two jaws
800 UAH
3D shot (CT) upper or lower jaw
600 UAH


  1. The list of procedures provided is incomplete and is provided to familiarize patients with the price level for dental procedures.
  2. The exact cost of planned treatment may only be made by personal consultation at the clinic.
  3. Prices for some dental services may vary, so accurate information should be clarified by the clinic administrator.
  4. The price shown on the site is indicated in UAH.