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Имплантация зубов

Dental implantation

Here are a lot of myths and conjectures around dental implantation. This happens because before implantation was considered an inaccessible wonder, something inaccessible, foreign ... Yes, that was 15 to 20 years ago. Nobody denies this, technologies really were born there, and gradually passed to us. But even now, when all the information is easily accessible, there are people who surround themselves with all sorts of myths and fears that have nothing to do with the true. Implantation is a daily, demanded and affordable phenomenon.

You may be surprised, but today, a large number of people come to us from abroad in order to conduct a comprehensive treatment, prosthetics or implantation of the oral cavity. And this is not only our compatriots. Many foreigners purposefully come to us for treatment, or combine with travel and business trips.

Dental implantation in Kiev

Today we will tell you why this is happening, and dispel some, or maybe even all the myths around implantation.

So, the Digital Dentistry Clinic “S.I.Y. Dental” has been providing sophisticated dental services to foreign guests for a long time. Entire families are with us on a family account and come to us for treatment. Often they come to us for the first time, on the recommendation of friends and acquaintances.

This confirms our status as one of the best clinics in Kiev.

Lets see what is the secret of such popularity, and why we are recommended.

Advantages of implantation in the clinic “S.I.Y. Dental”

Dental implantation is a serious dental intervention. Therefore, it should be carried out only by an experienced specialist, and only by the best proven materials. No less important component is the diagnosis and planning. And here the triple hit "in the apple":

  1. Igor Savchuk is considered to be one of the best dentists in the Kiev. Constant refinement and improvement of skills and techniques, in overseas seminars and trainings, is a direct confirmation of this. High qualification is confirmed by the huge number of awards and certificates. You can be sure, we are armed only with advanced methods and tools!
  2. In our clinic we use implants of the best world manufacturers. Namely “Alpha Bio”, “Ankylos”, “Straumann”, “Nobel Biocare”. These implants have the highest survival rate and, if properly installed, have a lifelong longevity.
  3. Diagnosis and planning is an integral part of successful implantation. Our clinic is equipped with a modern computer tomograph of the company “Dentsply Sirona”. This device allows you to conduct a detailed diagnosis of the oral cavity in a 3D projection. Identify the smallest disease or abnormality. And also reduces the errors during implantation to zero. We recommend to get acquainted in more detail with all the advantages and functionality of a computer tomograph here: “Computer tomograph. 3D snapshots of teeth."

Implant Myths

1. Implantation is best done abroad. No no and one more time no! The level of our specialists is no lower, and in some cases even higher than in Europe. This is a well-known fact. Just go to a good clinic.

2. Expensive. Implantation procedure is quite common. Competition among clinics does not overcharge. The cost may vary from the quality of the implants and the qualifications of the doctor. We do not recommend saving money in choosing a clinic, since implantation is a very serious procedure.

3. Implants need to be changed / updated. Good implants are put once and for all. And there can be no other way. If you heard something else, it means either the specialist or the implants were not of the best quality.

4. Many contraindications. There are two main contraindications to implantation: blood diseases and oncology. These are absolute contraindications. The remaining situations are individual and the decision on implantation must be made by a doctor. Other diseases or age factors are not absolute contraindications. Each case is unique and requires special consideration.

5. Contraindications include pregnancy. Yes, the procedure itself is not desirable during pregnancy and lactation due to medication and certain surgical interventions. Pregnancy is a very important and crucial period. During this period, the mother and the child are closely related and it is necessary to avoid any diseases, including diseases of the teeth and mouth. We recommend that you go through a complete mouth check before pregnancy. This minimizes the likelihood of disease. The body of the mother and so will experience a lack of nutrients and trace elements. Therefore, healthy teeth will have a positive effect on the health of the child.

6. For a long time, there will be a hole in the mouth instead of a tooth. The doctor can always offer to put an artificial tooth or a removable denture, which, if necessary, is easy to remove. And if you place an implant immediately after a tooth is removed, the doctor can immediately put on a crown.

7. Implantation = lifelong diet. Nothing like this. Implants on the fortress already in no way inferior to the teeth, so you have nothing to worry about. Of course, you shouldn’t chew nuts either with your teeth or with implants.

8. It hurts. Well, its even funny. Dentistry is no longer painful. Modern anesthesia eliminates any pain. Even after the implantation, light preparations are attributed to you, which will negate any discomfort.

Sinus lifting operation

Speaking of implantation, it is also worth mentioning the sinus lift operation. Sometimes it happens that in order to put an implant, the patient does not have enough own bone tissue. In this case, in order for the implant to keep well, the patient builds up bone tissue either from his own bone or from synthetic material. This operation is called sinus lift. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with this operation in more detail here: Sinus Lifting.

When we talk about modern technologies and sinus lifting, we simply have to mention such an advanced tool as Piezotom. This is a modern ultrasonic "smart" scalpel. It is designed for bone operations. Its peculiarity is that it is absolutely safe for soft tissues, nerves and blood vessels. You can read more about it on our page: “Piezotom”.

Dentistry in Kiev

As you can see, the success of implantation largely depends on the place where it will be held. The Digital Dentistry Clinic “S.I.Y. Dental” invites everyone to get professional consultation about implantation, prosthetics or other issues that interest you.

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