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срочная стоматология

Urgent Dentistry

Urgent dentistry is a necessity faced by many people which are coming to us from abroad. Often, these are those who come to visit relatives or tourists, as well as those who has a business trip. It is not uncommon to meet those who purposely come to the treatment. For such a person it is very important to be sure that he will solve all his problems during this period of time. As practice shows, it is 7 - 10 days.

Well, if you need to put a dental filling or two - this is not a problem. But what if you need complicated implantation and prosthetics? Or do you have a hotbed of inflammation that needs to be eliminated before the next implantation? Or is it difficult for you without consulting of a doctor to assess the scope of the upcoming intervention and you do not know how much time it can takes? The main question that worries these patients is whether they will be able to finish their treatment in a short time.

Our answer is YES! Thanks to a wide range of dental services and our own digital laboratory, we can perform implantation and prosthetics as soon as possible. This is possible due to the fact that scanning, 3D modeling, milling and synterisation (firing) are performed directly in our clinic. Previously, it was necessary to take measurements, send to the laboratory, wait and only then install.

More information about innovative 3D technologies in dentistry you can read in the section "CAD / CAM technology".

Urgent Dentistry in Kiev

.We understand how important for you is every day, and how important it is to have time to do everything in a short time. Therefore, for those who come to us from abroad, we make up a convenient treatment plan that will fit your schedule. Having registered with us in advance, you can get any kinds of dental services qualitatively and quickly!

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