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Disinfection and sterilization in S.I.Y.Dental

The oral cavity is a vital buffer through which food enters our body, but also the greatest vulnerability. Microorganisms, fungi, viruses, harmful and toxic substances that have entered the oral cavity can harm us. A dentist, performing dental treatment, uses a variety of instruments, on the purity of which the patients' health depends. That is why sterilization in dentistry is a must.

In the dental clinic «S.I.Y. Dental» we pay special attention to modern methods of sterilization and sanitation. The health of our patients is the primary goal of the clinic. That's why we use only one-time materials as much as possible: sterile napkins, covers, glasses, saliva ejectors, bathrobes, hats, masks, gloves, shoe covers and stuff.

We also conduct disinfectant treatment of all furniture surfaces, installations before and after each patient's reception. We use all known methods and means of disinfection and sterilization of instruments in dentistry.

The process takes place in several stages:

  • Preliminary processing. Tools are carefully processed with a half-percentage solution of hydrogen peroxide. It is important that the dive time is at least half an hour.
  • Manual cleaning of trays, mirrors, tweezers, turbines and other surgical instruments.
  • Automatic washing of instruments using ultrasound. As detergents, antibacterial solutions of chloride-benzalkonium chloride and chlorohexidine hydro-alcohol solution are used as the main active substances.
  • Sorting and packaging of all tools in the appropriate disposable polymer bags, and their sealing by heating the soldering site.
  • Autoclaving. Packed instruments are placed in an autoclave in which high-temperature steam treatment takes place under high pressure conditions for an hour. At this stage, the instruments are cleared of all known types of pathogenic bacteria and viruses that survived in the previous stages of purification.

During each stage of sterilization, our employees carry out quality control using special indicators and markers that confirm the correctness of the treatment and the sterility of the instruments after it is completed. The chemical indicator on each polymer disposable package guarantees the sterility of the contents. Thus, the ongoing disinfection in «S.I.Y. Dental» guarantees the safety of your health in our walls.

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